Online Job Interview

On-demand Asynchronous Interviews With Pre-recorded Questions

Who says you can only interview one candidate at a time? What if thousands of candidates are given an interview for a job opening but there is limited time to review all interview submissions? With Evalground Asynchronous interviews, you can interview thousands of candidates simultaneously. With changing times online job interviews are on the rise, enhancing the experience of having a face-to-face interview albeit….online. Online job interviews are not only convenient for the candidates, they also have made a huge impact for hiring managers and recruiters as well.

Evalground’s online assessments and job interviews will help you assess a candidate for their cultural fit within the company without even being in the same zip code. Nonverbal communication can still be transmitted through online job interviews or video interviewing. It has been seen over time that by using online job interviews hiring managers and recruiters have in fact not lost out on 93% of the candidate’s communication.

Candidates can simply record their video responses for a predefined set of interview questions chosen by you or with the help of our experienced subject matter experts. Recruiters and hiring managers can review and grade these recordings as per their convenience and share the same information within their teams with just a click of a single button!

Reinvent Your HR Process With Our Online Job Interviews

Our Most Popular Pre Employment Tests

Start using Evalground today by using our pre built employment tests to simplify your hiring process or connect with us and talk about your hiring challenges to find out how we can help! Some of our best sellers are the following:

EP test

Aptitude Test

Evaluate candidates on Aptitude (Verbal and Quantitative), Logical Reasoning, IQ, Data Interpretation and Puzzles for multiple roles to ascertain their analytical and problem solving capabilities.

Sample Test

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Big 5 Test

Programming Test

Conduct online programming challenges on Java, C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Python and PHP. Conduct hackathons to evaluate hands-on technical skills and test Data Structures & Algorithms.

Sample Test

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MP Test

Adaptive Test

Our adaptive tests are one of the best new additions to our extensive library. Evalground’s adaptive test adapts to a candidate’s skill level by following up with questions based on a candidate’s previous response.

Sample Test

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CWB Test

Skill Assessment

Evalground’s skill tests are tailor made to specific positions which make the hiring process and decision easier and accurate. Now save up on costs of a bad hire by finalising on the best fit for your organization.

Sample Test

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What can’t be measured, can’t be managed

Evalground offers a detailed analysis supported with graphs that will help quantifying intangible human behaviour. Reports that have taken organizational psychologists over five decades of researching, creating and rigorously testing are available for recruiters in a matter of minutes. Our results are robust enough to predict when and why a said candidate will be successful or not in a given job.