. Online Coding Test

Online Coding Test

Hire developers through online coding test

The dynamic world of technology is ever evolving and with that our reliance on software programming increases. Modern day software programming is basically an online method of testing where cooperation between the software engineer and the computer is essential.

Online coding tests are tests sent to possible or potential future employees by an organization commonly to fill in as a zero or first round of interview to get an initial understanding of the candidate's coding capabilities. They are frequently given to new graduates or fresh college pass outs, yet any technical candidate can be subjected to an online coding test.

Few of the quality candidates can get their code correct right in the first attempt since troubleshooting, debugging and testing is a significant part of the programming cycle. To evaluate or assess a candidate's programming skills, you have to give the prospective candidate a credible programming or coding test in which you can test their coding skills.

Online Coding Test

Evalground provides a tool for assessment of coding capabilities. One can screen candidates based on coding skills using online coding tests before taking an interview.

Sample Test

Having an online coding test instead of a manually written one also yields some intriguing bits of insights and knowledge. You can follow how the candidates perform on each and every question. So you can quickly detect the topic areas that prove to be complex and appear to discriminate against good candidates. Another major benefit of having an online coding test is that you can individually track each and every candidate's progress which can be plotted in a visual format, also known as the grade trajectory to get a better understanding. Accordingly, you can also identify candidates who have not cracked your test yet can be employed as a trainable resource based on their various deductions on each and every question.

And have we mentioned the level of accuracy an online coding test brings to the table? By eliminating human invigilation and evaluation you are totally removing the chances of having any kind of bias or chances of error. This will help you in employing candidates on the basis of their merit alone.

Get a test curated for your hiring needs

Evalground has a huge range of technical and coding questions which will help you pick one of our ready at hand tests or you can get the test personalized especially considering your organizational needs.

Still got some questions in your mind?

ou know what you want and would want exactly that delivered to you at the comfort of your office?

Evalground is here just to do that for you!

Use our online coding tests and interactive simulators to assess a candidate’s coding skills in real time using our extensive library and subject matter experts. Scale up your technical hiring by using our unmatched extensive question library and turnaround your time to hire! The technology is here to serve you.

Why is Evalground your best bet in technical hiring

Huge repository of technical and coding questions to test most of the technical roles of your organization.

Customizable reports where you can add comments and share within your hiring team.

Consolidated reports accompany a feature to shortlist candidates into different groups for further processing.

Window Proctoring feature mandates that the candidates stay on the test screen for the whole duration of the test.

Copy Detection Module checks a submission across all submissions and gives a report with similarity and diff metrics

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What can’t be measured, can’t be managed

Evalground offers a detailed analysis supported with graphs that will help quantifying intangible human behaviour. Reports that have taken organizational psychologists over five decades of researching, creating and rigorously testing are available for recruiters in a matter of minutes. Our results are robust enough to predict when and why a said candidate will be successful or not in a given job.