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Heartfelt Appreciation for the Exemplary Coding Dashboard for the Spot Coding Event. i am writing to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional coding dashboard you provided for the spot coding event. Your dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering a seamless coding experience truly exceeded our expectations.

Throughout the event, the coding dashboard played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and efficient coding competition. Its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and intuitive design provided an unparalleled experience for the participants. The thoughtful features and attention to detail showcased your deep understanding of the coding community's needs and requirements. Moreover, your prompt responsiveness and excellent support throughout the event were commendable. You swiftly addressed any technical glitches and queries that arose, ensuring a seamless experience for both the participants and the organizers. Your professionalism and dedication to ensuring a successful event truly set you apart.

On behalf of the entire organizing team and the participants of the spot coding event, I extend my sincere appreciation for your exceptional work.

Athira Vinod

Wave Labs


With EvalGround, we feel confident about inviting candidates straight to our interview process and give them a positive interview experience. We're glad we decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your platform is to update and manage test. Reports are also comprehensive to evaluate candidates skills. The support we received from Rimsha made things simple and hassle free. She is always a call away for help.

Pruthvesh Pipaliya

Hrs Navigation


Evalground has been a great help in our hiring processes. The website is quite self explanatory, nevertheless, the team took great effort in walking us through the platform, checked up on our periodically and ensured we were having no troubles. From kickstarting the process, to understanding the test and credit system and following up for renewal, the journey was very smooth and we would highly recommend the platform to help in hiring needs.

Aliya Ashok



We are very happy to use Evalground "A Tool That Make Our Recruitment Process Easy”. It saved our time and effort to examine candidate’s technical and non-technical abilities. A wide question library, customization of test templets, effective user interface, compiled test report options are some of many wonderful features that we like the most. Also thank you for your prompt technical support.

Shivam Tamrakar

Vask info edge


Evalground has been an instrumental partner in helping us achieve our software engineering talent recruiting goals. Their platform provides us with all the tools necessary for us to make strategic decisions around the hiring process. We are where we are because of them.

Alozie Nkem

Decagon hq


UI was really awesome which is self-explanatory for the admin and user to attempt. One of the wonderful feature was the flexibility it has during network glitch. This really helped us during our rural visits for conducting drives. Appreciative factor is the support they provide as and when needed.




EvalGround has been extremely helpful to us in conducting successful campus placement drives, without any setbacks. The support and guidance at any point in time from the Evalground team has been immaculate. We thank Evalground and look forward to continuing this relationship.

Prateek Jain



Evalground platform is user-friendly and very easy to use. platform is having a good feature and is very useful. we have bought a subscription of evalground for aptitude tests, the whole process is getting managed systematically. Evalground team provides good support whenever required. All the best to the team for achieving great milestones.

Bhushali Wagh

Gibsons Technologies


Evalground is a strong aptitude testing platform. It provides valuable insights, has a good scope of questions, and is fairly diverse in the skillsets it tests. Furthermore, the integration with Greenhouse works as a charm. We evaluated many different testing platforms and Evalground was one of the most promising platforms – it has not disappointed.

Tajeerd Barunius

Maverick Derivatives


It has been great working with you and EvalGround, which has helped us to streamline our hiring process by enabling us to access the candidates before actually interviewing them. Special Thanks to Rimsha, who has always been there for us to help with any kind of queries, she was always polite, respectful and responded whenever we needed anything, be it any discounts and any new information about the product. Hope our association continues for a long

Yuvraj Patel

HR Consultancy


we are satisfied with the service, it's working well for us.Our recruitment capacity rose significantly thanks to Evalground.

Fakhri Fakhri

Gdp labs


Evalground has made things very simple for conduction the Virtual selections. We’re absolutely delighted with the software.

Osman Basha

Dispatch Track


Evalground made our work easier to find techies and it is very convenient to assign tests based on the technologies we are looking for and we can see amazing results once we started using Evalground, It is a best tool if you are planning to hire someone technical.

Bala Krishnan



Thank you for your active service and prompt response any time we required, you guys are available to support even with the shorter notice. We found the tool to be easy to use and providing the required relevant information. Overall a very good experience.

Versa Networks


Evalground has helped us to streamline our recruitment process and make it simpler and faster. The tool is very comprehensive and reports are completely matching our requirements.

Kwench Global Technologies


I really appreciate your efforts in making our recruitment easy. You've been right there , helping out wherever and whenever needed for last one month. I am very appreciative of your assistance and am looking forward to continuing to work together.

Vanna Infotech


Evalground has been an instrumental partner in helping us achieve our software engineering talent recruiting goals. Their platform provides us with all the tools necessary for us to make strategic decisions around the hiring process. We are where we are because of them.



Before we started using Evalground we reviewed every application that was submitted manually, now we are able to test the candidate's abilities and we can be confident that the ones we interview have a minimum of technical knowledge. Our recruitment process has improved 100% thanks to Evalground.

Alegra SAS Solutions


With Evalground we are able to optimize our profile screening process while helping us find quality tech talents from the wide talent pool. The platform offers us to create custom test templates and it has a library of tech & non-tech problems to pick and choose from, which of course is quite handy. We are happy with the platform and really look forward.

Lister Technologies


The Evalground platform for administering tests works like a charm and the most important factor to continue using Evalground is the excellent customer service that we have always received.




Smooth Hiring Experience. we were struggling to organize campus hiring on a large scale. Evalground ground provided us that platform to shortlist candidates. it has been so successful that we have started using the tool for our internal hiring process as well. The tool is very convenient to use and provides lot of insights about the candidate's performance. I love the vast range of question bank as well.

Anil Kumar

Paisa Bazaar

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