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Over time, the idea and concept of personality have invigorated and generated considerable debate and theories as well as discussions among analysts and researchers. Personality traits are considered to be characteristics and attributes within a person that account for reliable and consistent patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours. The quest to comprehend individual differences between two human beings making use of statistical procedures, has led to the increased usage of psychological assessments also known as psychometric tests. Many variations of psychometric tests that have been developed till date attempt to invoke the theoretical principles of Trait theory and the various dimensions therein.

Evalground’s Elaborative Personality Profile test lets you know the probability of an aspiring candidate becoming the perfect employee for your organization. A carefully structured personality test developed for organizations, with its only purpose being that of giving the employees ideas about employee recruitment, work placement, career development and team selection. Evalground’s Elaborative Personality Test analyses the need of every individual looking for a kick-start or growth in their career with 12 sets of character traits measuring 6 personality dimensions, 6 values and 6 motivation dimensions. This test will help the recruiter in gauging a person’s personality traits and prepare an organization to what they can expect from the employee in the long run.

Why do top organizations use an Elaborative Personality Profile?

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The holy grail of the recruitment filtering process, for freshers as well as experienced candidates, is to achieve a funnel that is:

As wide as possible on one end, so that potential candidates are not missed out, As narrow as possible on the other end, so that interviewers do not waste time on irrelevant candidates, and Evalground is here to do just that for you! Don’t waste time going over thousands of CVs or phone screening thousands of applicants. You can directly ask all interested candidates to take the test and then look at CVs of top performers only.

Evalground’s online assessment tests helps you gauge one candidate’s behavioural, functional, technical and cognitive skills in a quantifiable manner. Experience the influence of tailor-made assessments as per the required profile. Get access to detailed reports with logical and analytical analysis of the candidate. Get complete access to sample tests and free trial of tests.

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Our Best Corporate Personality Tests

Evalground’s psychometric tests automatically grade and ranks your candidates once they are done taking up the test. By the time you rest and savor a cup of coffee, you can simultaneously watch video responses of applicants to custom made questions. Our screening process is completely automated which lets you focus on the best people for the job.

Big 5 Test


Five-Factor Model gives a more profound analysis of candidates’ likelihood to behave in a certain manner on key job-related competencies, the person’s strengths, and growth opportunities.

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Evalground’s RIASEC test provides a degree of match between the candidate's personality and the career he or she wants to pursue as per Holland’s personality theory.

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MP Test


Evalground’s Managerial Personality Test helps to identify the key strengths of an applicant which are necessary for a manager to manage things efficiently in an organization.

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CWB Test

CWB Test

Evalground’s CWB test helps to have a friendlier and secure workplace by identifying Counterproductive work behavior.

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What can’t be measured, can’t be managed

Evalground offers a detailed analysis supported with graphs that will help quantifying intangible human behaviour. Reports that have taken organizational psychologists over five decades of researching, creating and rigorously testing are available for recruiters in a matter of minutes. Our results are robust enough to predict when and why a said candidate will be successful or not in a given job.