Big 5 Test: Optimal Prediction Of Job Success

Personality Begins Where Comparison Ends

The Big Five model of personality test is widely accepted and considered to be one of the most strongest ways to express personality differences. It is the premise of most present-day personality research. The big five personality traits are the best acknowledged and most usually utilized model of personality in modern recruitment. Evalground's Five Factor Model gives a more profound analysis on hopefuls' identity characteristics. You can assess candidates likelihood to behave in a certain manner on key job-related competencies, the person’s strengths and growth opportunities.

The Big Five Model, also known as the Five-Factor Model, is the most widely accepted personality hypothesis held by psychologists today. Underneath each proposed global factor, there are a various number of correlated factors and essential components. The hypothesis expresses that personality can be reduced to five center components, known by the acronym CANOE or OCEAN:

Conscientiousness - impulsive, disorganized vs. disciplined, careful

Agreeableness - suspicious, uncooperative vs. trusting, helpful

Neuroticism - calm, confident vs. anxious, pessimistic

Openness to Experience - prefers routine, practical vs. imaginative, spontaneous

Extraversion - reserved, thoughtful vs. sociable, fun-loving

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Evalground gives you the best instrument to break down the identity trait with the assistance of different spaces which portray the human identity. Our assessments give institutionalized learning about the applicant's identity attributes with a suggestion to the five-factor model which assesses the hopefuls on five scale declaration. Our test was developed by scientific research with universal standards and is evident enough to help you in the evaluation of the candidates where you can assess and hire applicants with best attributes and abilities. Rapidly discover the candidate’s scores on the five noteworthy measurements of identity with this experimentally approved mental evaluation. Discover how you can assess attitude through attributes like Openness To Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN).

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Top Reasons Why Leading HRs Rely On Psychometric Tests In Recruitment

Evalground’s online assessment tests helps you gauge one candidate’s behavioural, functional, technical and cognitive skills in a quantifiable manner. Experience the influence of tailor-made assessments as per the required profile. Get access to detailed reports with logical and analytical analysis of the candidate. Get complete access to sample tests and free trial of tests.

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Evalground’s psychometric tests automatically grade and ranks your candidates once they are done taking up the test. By the time you rest and savor a cup of coffee, you can simultaneously watch video responses of applicants to custom made questions. Our screening process is completely automated which lets you focus on the best people for the job.

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