Offer Management

Reduce Your Time To Hire With A Digital Offer Management System

Recruiting good talent is not an easy feat, especially in today’s competitive market. And if there is someone up to the mark, then they are snatched up in no time.

Evalground brings an all inclusive recruitment platform to help you power your hiring success! Experience an innovative and robust, user friendly assessment and recruiting software suite designed to increase recruiter productivity, foster hiring team collaboration, and enhance the candidate experience from source to hire.

Streamline and automate the most critical step of the hiring process, using a technology-forward approach to offer management, and get top applicants to say "Yes" faster. Evalground has introduced a designated Offer Management module that helps recruiters manage, distribute and track documents digitally. With a dedicated offer management system, you get to control/manage the offer letter and other documents (NDA documents, etc) to the applicant in one place.
Avoid losing candidates to a lengthy hiring process and keep your hiring on track with Evalground’s offer management module. Showcase your company's brand and attract skilled candidates with an engaging recruitment process. Use a modern and personalized candidate experience to improve your brand, develop stronger connections with job applicants and inspire passive talent to connect with you with just one click from anywhere.

How its Works?


Create an offer letter template

Our Offer Management System includes default offer templates, but don't let that stop you from making your own!! Create customized offer templates so all the necessary info is right where you want it. The first step is to create an offer letter template that includes placeholders for the details unique to the candidate and positions.


Add the offer stage to your hiring workflow

While creating a job opening you can now add an “offer stage” to it. Integration with Evalground’s assessment platform and Applicant Tracking System also lets you save the candidate’s data for future use.


Make it official with signatures

You can add e-signature and company logo to the offer letter and customize it in any way that you like.


Other documents

Send important documents right such as, NDA, salary structure, verifications, etc. from the system with just a click. Use the given templates or create one of your own.


Send and manage offers

Send the offer letter to the applicant and keep your team members in the loop within the system. Track and update the offers sent out and accepted to check the current status of a job opening.

Why Choose Evalground?

Evalground offers a robust ATS with built-in recruitment marketing capabilities that increase recruiter productivity, fosters hiring team collaboration, and enhances the candidate experience.

Attract Qualified Candidates

Expand your sourcing reach with integrated channels and by distributing job ads widely. Deliver candidates with a modern and localized experience.

Increase Candidate Traffic

Complex or time-consuming application processes weeds out top talent. So, stop losing great candidates to an outdated process, and turn job seekers into applicants with a modern, mobile application experience

Streamline Applicant Tracking

Improve quality by standardizing interview evaluation criteria and processes. Accelerate hiring velocity by facilitating hiring team collaboration.

Improved Offer Management

Provide a positive candidate experience with a digital offer process, while staying globally compliant.