What’s on our C-Track

Evalground dedicated Applicant Tracking System can be used to filter applications based on given criteria such as keywords, marks scored, skills, years of experience, etc. C-Track helps you in not only maintaining the track of candidates applied but also in customizing the hiring process as per your requirement. Before shortlisting the candidates who applied for a job position, it is very important to organize the hiring process. This ensures that you are tracking the right candidates. For example, the hiring process can be narrowed down to five different rounds. Each round shows the shortlisted candidates in that particular round, giving you a very clear view of your recruitment funnel.
About Evalground ATS

A new dimension with ATS for your whole recruitment process

Recruiting is probably the most challenging and demanding process for the HRs of any company. C-Track not only smoothens this process but also makes it efficient for the evaluators. C-Track is built based on actual needs of a good hiring and candidate tracking system/process. We are proud to announce that we have the best set of features and provide complete flexibility that is needed to define your specific recruitment process within an ATS.

Some of the features of C-Track


Career Page

Define your job opening in a simple and clear way


Invite candidates

Easily reach out to candidates through our job posting feature


Applicant shortlisting

With C-Track, easily shortlist your target candidates


Customized hiring flow

Define the recruitment flow that you wish to follow


Candidate tracking

Get a clear view on which candidates are in which 'stage' of your recruitment process